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Year 1 class assemblies in school. 1KH - Thursday 19th May at 9am and 1RB Friday 20th May at 9am. Soft drinks in small hall from 8.50am.

Lining Up

Dear Parents / Carers,


We are very much looking forward to our second year at Howardian. We are excited to see the children next week and we have decided to make some improvements to the way we greet the children each morning.


The bell will ring at 9am and we will now be lining the children up on the playground before they enter school. The teachers will be stood on the playground and children are asked to say goodbye to their parents/carers and line up with their class. 


Parents/Carers are requested not to line up with the children but to say goodbye and then stand behind the children. This will allow the teacher to greet the class and then safely lead them into school.


At the end of school the children will be dismissed through 3 doors.

Hall door: Miss Smith and Miss Smart

Main door: Nursery (3.10pm) and Miss Griffiths

Door next to main door: Miss Williams.


Could we please request that parents/carers stand away from the doors to allow staff to clearly be able to see parents and also watch as each child gets safely to their parent / carer.


If you need to see Mrs Curran in the office could you please allow the children to go Into school first to ensure they are all in the building safely.


A reminder that children and parents/carers are not to ride bikes or scooters inside the playground.

The safety of the children is paramount and these changes will help us ensure children are safe.


Many Thanks,


Howardian Primary Staff