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We wish all our families a happy and peaceful summer holiday. First day back for pupils in Years 1-6 is Monday 6th September. Nursery and Reception pupils will have dates arranged with class teachers.

Where Does Snow Go?

⛄️ Snowmen ⛄️


Following our fun in the snow, we painted our very own snowmen. The boys and girls had complete independence over the snowmen, they could be tall, short, fat, thin, traditional with a hat, scarf and gloves or fashionable with sunglasses, trainers and bracelets! 

The results are fabulous! 🖌

🌨 Mae hi'n bwrw eira! 🌨


It’s snowed over Nursery over night so what better way to learn about winter than to explore in the snow. 

Exploring ice


The boys and girls explored ice today. The vocabulary we used was excellent; melting, freezing, smooth, cold, slippery and many more! 

We watched what happened to the ice the more we handled it. We discussed what it was before it was ice and how it got to be this way.