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Why Can't I Have Chocolate for Breakfast?

Kiddy Cook visit


Morning Nursery had a fantastic morning taking part in a cookery workshop with Belinda from Kiddy Cook.

The boys and girls began with some warming up before sorting the fruit and vegetables into the colours of the rainbow 🌈. 

Next, it was time for cooking 🍽. We each made a healthy rainbow wrap, we could include, cheese spread, red peppers, tomatoes, yellow peppers, sweet corn, cucumber, lettuce, beetroot, cabbage and carrot! Then we had raspberries and blackberries to enjoy afterwards. What fantastic morning, everyone had great fun, learned a lot and got to take their cookery skills home. 

It was Afternoon Nursery’s turn for the Kiddy Cook cookery workshop.

We warmed up, sorted and prepped for our cooking!

sone wraps were small some wraps were big but all wraps were delicious! 

The children developed their skills with a great first hand learning experience.