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Howardian PTA Facebook Group User Policy


Created 06/02/2016


1. The purpose of this group is to discuss PTA fundraising and events.

2. This group has been set up, run and administrated by PTA volunteers, not the school.

3. The group will also sometimes use the page to keep you informed of school information such as term dates or concert dates but should not be considered a primary source of information.  Please use the school website or speak with school staff for information on school organized events. The school contact information can be found on the website  

4. Wider school issues should not be discussed on the page which is run by PTA volunteers not the school.  Should you have an issue please raise it with the school using their direct contact details which can be found here

5. There will be no bad language or abuse in this group.  

6. Do not advertise your business on this group without permission from an administrator who will if necessary get approval from the PTA Committee.  We are happy to support the local business community if we feel it is relevant to our members.

7. Please think before you post.  This is Facebook, one of the biggest sites on the internet; what goes up can never really come down and the whole school community can view your posts.  Be kind, supportive and respectful at all times.  Where possible comments should contain positive suggestions; this is not a forum for complaints or criticism.

8. Respect people’s privacy.  In particular, photos can only be added where permission has been given by those in them or parents if the photos are of children.  If you become aware of any photos where permission as not been granted please inform admin and the photos will be removed.

9. Administrators will remove inappropriate or irrelevant posts, photos or comments without explanation as they deem necessary.  

10. The Facebook group admins are entitled to deny entry to any member.  They are also allowed to remove members.  No discussion will be entered into should either of these situations arise.

11. This policy is in addition to (not replacing) any agreements all parents and carershave entered into with the school when their child commenced attendance at the school.  In particular all parents and carers have agreed previously to discuss anyconcerns or complaints directly with the school and not through any social media networks.


This policy will be reviewed by the PTA Committee as required or at least annually to ensure that it remains relevant.