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Year 1 class assemblies in school. 1KH - Thursday 19th May at 9am and 1RB Friday 20th May at 9am. Soft drinks in small hall from 8.50am.

Language, Literacy & Communication



Below is a list of spellings that children are expected to know by the end of Years 3 and 4 along with sub-pages including the spelling patterns we are working on each week of the term.


If possible, it would be great to encourage the learning of these words at home through a variety of different ways which you can find on the spelling menu (also below).


100 High Frequency Words List

Startegies for practising spellings at home




Below are some resources that will support your child with handwriting at home.

Cursive Handwriting Letters - Upper and Lowercase



Below are some links to Welsh story books and audio books online. It would be a great opportunity for your chil to practise their Welsh skills, either by listening to the audio books or reading the story books.