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Year 1 class assemblies in school. 1KH - Thursday 19th May at 9am and 1RB Friday 20th May at 9am. Soft drinks in small hall from 8.50am.

Why Do You Love Me So Much?

A Brew Will See You Through


The boys and girls have been so kind to our visitors and the baby dolls, we decided to spread our kindness throughout the school. We delivered cups of tea to the Howardian Teachers. They went down a treat!


Rub a Dub Dub


Following our special visitors, we decided to wash our own baby dolls. We made sure we were very careful, gentle and there were lots and lots of bubbles!

Shh! Don't Wake the Baby!


We were very lucky in Nursery today, we had two very small but very special visitors. We were so lucky that two of the girls brought us their baby brother and baby sister into Nursery. 
The boys and girls asked wonderful questions to find out all about the two babies...

"Why do they cry?"
"Can they walk yet?"
"How old are they?"
"Do they have dummies?"
The boys and girls were so caring, they made sure they stayed nice and quiet to make sure the babies didn't get scared.