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Swimming for Year 3 for next two weeks - Monday 27th July to Friday 8th July



Children take part in a variety of reading activities during our Guided Group Reading (GGR) carousel every week. During this time each child is read with throughout the week. 

Spelling pattern of the week.

Each week children will learn a 'spelling pattern'. This may be a digraph or a family of words. 

The spelling patterns for the Summer term are:


Week Beginning Spelling Pattern Examples
WB 13/5/19 a_e Jake, made, lake etc.
WB 20/5/19 e_e Chinese, theme, Pete etc.
WB 3/6/19 i_e Five, kite, inside etc.
WB 10/6/19 o_e Bone, stone, smoke etc. 


Please practice these at home so your child becomes more familiar with these patterns. Diolch!