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Year 1 class assemblies in school. 1KH - Thursday 19th May at 9am and 1RB Friday 20th May at 9am. Soft drinks in small hall from 8.50am.

Adverse weather conditions 1/318 and 2/3/18

Adverse Weather Conditions

The Met Office has issued weather warnings for Cardiff for Thursday and Friday of this week. It is very difficult to accurately predict the level of disruption these will bring.

Howardian Primary will endeavour to remain open to ensure there is no disruption to the education of the children, however, if we are forced to close for Health and Safety grounds we will inform the parents/carers in the following ways:

  • The school website: (the message will be put on the scrolling banner at the top of the page)

  • School text message

  • School email message

We will inform parents about closure as soon as possible, however, staff have to get to school and then do the risk assessments before making the decision to close.

The main consideration when deciding to close the school is the health and safety of the school and the wider community. The following list of questions has been recommended by Cardiff Council for consideration when deciding to keep the school open:

  • What is the weather forecast and the likelihood of significant snowfall?

  • Is there enough staff to operate the school safely?

  • Is the school appropriately heated?

  • Are water systems working appropriately?

  • Is the school building accessible?

  • Are there areas within the school locality especially impassable or dangerous?

  • Are vehicle routes into the school grounds passable?

  • Are pedestrian routes on the school grounds passable?

Partial School Closure

A partial closure may be necessary if staff who live further afield are unable to travel into school safely. This may result in some classes being open but others being closed.

If the cook is unable to make it into school then children may be asked to bring in a packed lunch.

Closure during the school day

If we find it necessary to close the school early then messages will be sent out via text and email to ask parents/carers to collect their children as soon as it is safe to do so. Children will be dismissed from their usual exit.

See the ‘Adverse Weather Policy’ on the school website for further reading.