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Another lockdown! Review on 29th January! Contact school if you need support with online learning or anything else!! Stay safe and follow the guidance to support the NHS and keep us all safe.

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 We use a programme called 'Jolly Phonics' to help the children to learn the sounds of each letter. These sounds are then blended together to make the words that children are able to use. The teachers have a range of resources to use - the big Pro Wise screens and ipads.


If you would like to know more about the Jolly Phonics scheme we have leaflets in school and if the link to their website is:


For Maths, we follow the Little Big Maths and Big Maths scheme, which also includes SAFE maths for shape, space and measure. Big Maths is a teaching method that embraces the logical nature of maths, translating it into simple Steps and Progress Drives. This makes progress easy and fun for both children and teachers giving all pupils the opportunity to achieve.

For more information, go to: